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The former protected title of state-authorized translator (translatør in Danish) has been abolished and we are now called certified translators. We're the same people with the same education. The Danish Administration of Justice Act stipulates that certain documents in court cases must be translated by a formally trained translator. 

We are certified by the Danish Association of Certified Translators and Interpreters.

The degree of MA in Language for Special Purpose (cand.ling.merc.) is awarded after a five or six year education programme in specific linguistic areas and their underlying disciplines (finance, economy, law, technology, etc.). The translation and interpretation skills are applied to Danish and foreign legal systems and legislation, financial matters and regulations, for instance in relation to financial statements and court procedures. 

For your peace of mind, all of our work is comprised by a professional liability insurance and we are bound to observe secrecy.

Certified translation

We provide certified translations in our capacity as certified translators.

A certified translation is a legally valid documents in courts of law and at authorities in and outside Denmark.

The translator certifies the translation with an endorsement stating that the translation corresponds to the original text.

The translator signs and stamps the endorsement and prints it on our letterhead. 

In some instances, a certified translation must be legalized by the authorities in Denmark in order to be recognized abroad. Our cerfied translations need not be legalized for use in Denmark, as the authorities accept our certification.

Legalization can be a cumbersome and time-consuming affair, but we know the ropes and will be happy to assist and guide you to the best solution.

We are also directly accredited by the embassies of Great Britain and the United States of America. However, the most common and practical procedure is to present the translation to the Danish Chamber of Commerce (with whom we are registered). The Chamber verifies the identity and qualifications of the translator, after which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can provide the translation with an apostille certificate.

Contact us for specific advice on your certified and legalized translation.




ad Astra Translatører ApS was set up in 1997. The translation agency is owned by partners Ole Bajlum and Benjamin Holst Kjeldsen, both certified translators with fast-track access to legalization at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are also among Denmark’s most experienced translators in the Nordic languages specializing in law, medicine and finance.