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Marketing and advertising

Websites, promotional campaigns and flyers. Facebook posts and advertorials. B2B campaigns. Texts about lingerie, cosmetics and clothing targeting consumers.

Oh yes, we cover the whole gamut when we translate more creative kinds of text. This is where our principle of two lots of eyes on all texts comes into play, and preferably eyes belonging to people of different sex or age, so that we take on board the differences in the linguistic spectacles through which we view the world.

Marketing and advertising are not a narrowly defined area, as the texts vary greatly in terms of the target group and the product or service they deal with. A successful sales text for a feed mix for pig breeding is put together differently from an advert for slimming products for private individuals. And both cases call for an awareness of the claims allowed under the relevant legislation. So some thought is needed.

It is actually the case that the shorter a text, the harder it can be to translate. A slogan may not translate directly into Danish but require some creative reworking.

Whenever we are to translate sales promotion texts for our clients, we like to receive reference material in order to see the sort of look we are aiming for in the translation. And as in all other situations we would like to have a lengthy collaboration with our clients so that we can build up knowledge about the products and the corporate spirit. It makes for better translations, lower prices for the client and a team effort from which both parties benefit.

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