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Technical documentation

Detergents, power drills, lawnmower manuals. Cars, wind turbines and power supplies. Oil wells, waste management and personal protective aids.

To give a few examples.

Your technical documentation is in safe hands with us.

If you need safety data sheets translating, we have a handle on the terminology in REACH, GHS and CLP.

Isn’t it easy to translate product sheets and safety instructions when much of it is laid down in international legislation? Well, yes and no, because you need to know where to look, and when a controlled term is being used. And woe betide anyone who does not use the latest terminology or the correct risk phrases!

When a product label has to be translated from Danish or English into a more obscure language, it may be an advantage to use a translator living in the relevant language area, one who can pop down to the supermarket or look under the kitchen sink to check the linguistic conventions on the label of the product in question. Not everything can be looked up online, and we like to use local translators for these jobs. The translator proofreads his or her own translation, then the text is reviewed by a separate proofreader, so that the translation passes before two pairs of eyes. The cost is greater than machine translation, but less than recalling the product due to mistakes in the translation …

Our translations are always covered by product liability insurance, though we haven’t needed it to date, and that’s the way we’d like it to stay.

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